Cinema is my profession whereas art and writing are my crafts as well as my passion.
Art, poetry, and filmmaking are various forms that throughout the years have become an integral language for me, which I call my refuge. I paint or sculpt when I run out of words, write poetry when things become frustrating, and make films when I feel the need to be among real extraordinary people. Sometimes, they intertwine to serve one concept. Those gifts have enriched my artistic practice and provided me with a unique opportunity to utilize them either individually, all together, and/or develop dual ways to bring another aspect of visual resolution to some of my previous projects. I’m quite confident that having such tools will contribute towards creating more interesting futuristic artworks.


I believe that forms can be articulated in profound methodologies that can result in an enchanting manifestation that could appeal to viewers from different backgrounds.

To me, people are the main source of inspiration. Their presence, anecdotes, and personal experiences always make a greater impact on the work. I find myself drawn to their worlds and when I start to work with them, they become my world that brings excitement, joy, and a sense of accomplishment.

I believe that we create artistic projects because we are in a continuous dialog with our audience.

I don't consider myself an artist,

NA 2.jpg

I consider myself lost in art



Yellow Shade.jpg
Edited 5X5 Paintings.jpg
With Masks 1.jpg
Ceramics  (1) +.jpg
16X20 in- 40.6X50.8 cm Acrylic on Burlap
Painting 2.png
Faces - Small Size - (1).png
Acrylic Paintings Collage A.png
Mix Media.jpg
Faces - Small Size - (1).png
around 1001 faces.png