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Unearthing Materials  I أدوات قيد الاكتشاف

Materials: Acrylic، Wires, Cement, Mixed Media,

Wooden boards, and Resin

Dimensions: 20X20 cm Per Piece

Year: 2019-2020


As I used to move with my small family from one place to another, I used to observe the city extending bigger and bigger. 

Next to every apartment we rented, there was always a new rising building. We had to put up with the noise of digging and moving building materials day and night.

The workers on those sites look tiny in comparison to the sizes of the buildings they were building. They would finish one project and move to the next. However, it is almost unusual that they will be remembered. Sometimes I think they resemble the invisible spirits who contribute to the rise of cities without being recognized.

These pieces which are made of all materials found in the building sites were inspired by all those workers who lived merely most of their whole life between earth and sky building building building for others, however, their destiny is to be forgotten.

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