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Selected Poems

Her Prayers

My mother lets her prayers escape

to every other morning,

to every passer-by who carries our news,

as she exchanges blames with God

for He has not yet granted her wishes.



Fever entraps her

To sanatoriums

And gardens she thinks will cure her pains

But she falls once more

Colliding with her blood

As if it were a life jacket.


The Horizon


I look at the range

The walls are mighty

And so are the sorrows.



I will leave everything in place

Even the dust accumulated over the trees

So that they too will know

How our bodies ache when no one touches them.


The Soul Shivers


Scattered by the wind…

Scattered by the wind…


That’s how

She saw

Her death.



I will be happy

I told my heart that made me dizzy with its sorrows

And I lit a candle for the angels

And another one

For the love that enlightened me.


Good for Them


A toast

And the bow of the rain

To those who wound

And profess innocence

When your eyes look into theirs.




It was just yesterday when we met,

We inscribed our signatures

On the long roads.

It was just yesterday when we faked

The first reason to be together,

And we spent the first day

adorning our tent.

It was just yesterday,

I swear it was just yesterday.

Then, what are all those years

That every time we counted

another is added?


No Use

Every time I raise my head to the sky

The pains swell

And the chambers of my heart

are filled with tears.



Every night

The chambers become narrower

Every night

The maze becomes wider.


The knotted cloud behind the fence,

The white cloud,

Lighted my long night with its bitter whiteness

It was following my heart

While it was searching for its torch

In the darkness.


Loneliness crawls like

a serpent over the walls

It avoids the light of the window

And prepared

To pluck out the tranquility of the night.


Let sorrow fade away

Just for today

Just for now.


Translated by Dr. Omnia Amin

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