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Kingdom of Doubts


Behind this evening

Where the star is perplexed as to

from which lantern it should look

and from which door it should pass,

behind this evening

I glimpsed dreams with sunken eyes

Waving with tired arms

Before placing their dress on their shoulders

And disappearing in the dark

Like a bird

Frightened by the wind


It is the scream

Coming closer to me and without knowing for whom

It goes back

I let off my petrified butterfly

And the swish of my dress follows me


that I did not betray the companionship

Will I return?

Is this a vision or a trap

The directions are woven by flashes

A notch in the night

Jumps like a wick and a doze

And the dress behind me is like a blade that scrapes the paths

Shall I return?


Rub your eye sockets with this bread

Who is it?

Not before the water writhes

And the moon becomes dry

Who is it?

You will only hear the voice ripped like a knife

Tired by time

The birds are on their branches

Dance frozen in circling the dead trees.


so I would warm the cold in you


The screams vibrate in my senses

and the swish of the dress recedes,

my body is a stick that bounces between two unknown palms

My eyes are white clouds..

Who is it?

I hear the paths strike my ears

I loosen my fingers from my face

There a pigeon rolls its egg

On top of my chest

And my tongue circles like an ancient pendulum

Behind that evening …


At dawn

I tied my bundle and went out

In the companionship of the storm

the houses sunk in front of my eyes, the edges of the earth trembled…

I became like an old tortoise on the face of a rough planet nothing

Between me and the sky except a strong wind and clouds decorated with diamonds.

Suddenly one of the clouds turned into a woman who proceeded towards me

And I ran in search of shelter, I was struck by what resembles love, but she was

following me from castle to castle, from room to room,

I screamed out don’t come any closer your electricity will strike me,

I left her in one of the rooms sitting like a teacher from the strange

Ages sipping lessons and crying, sipping lessons and the class

Is empty except for benches while I am ill fortuned outside,

I climb one stair and descend from another in search of a cave.

Translated by Omnia Amin

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