An Emirati artist, poet, scriptwriter and multi-

award-winning film director. She was born in

Dubai, has published eight poetry collections

and produced around fifteen films including

short fictions, documentaries, art films and seven

feature length documentaries.

Her films have won local, regional and international

prizes. She is the co-founder of Nahar Productions,

a film production company based in Dubai and a professional trainer in filmmaking and creative

writing. Recently she was selected to be the UAE representative of Arab Film Institute.

In 1999, she graduated with MA in Media

Production, School of Film, Griffith University in Australia.

In 1996, she finished her Bachelor degree in Video Production from Ohio University in the United States.

In terms of work experience, Alghanem has started her professional career much earlier in 1980. She worked as a journalist for more than ten years. After graduation, she became head of training in the Emirates Media Inc, one of Abu Dhabi largest media companies, then the secretary of the executive committee and finally director of new media department.

She is considered an active and well-established writer and filmmaker in the Arab world. In 2013 she joined the board of Trustees of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, which is managed in association with the Man Booker Prize Foundation in London. She has also been involved as head of jury and jury member in numerous of International film festivals and a judge in literal and art activities.

She was awarded the Pride of the UAE Medal, by H.H Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoom in 2019, and was selected among 11 women from around the Middle East for being un-stoppable by Femina Middle East magazine, 2016.

In addition to producing her own films, she currently works as a film, media and cultural consultant as well as film instructor for some of the educational and professional institutes and organizations in the UAE.


Some of her films include:


·       Passage, 2019, Video Art.

·      Rain on my Skin, 2018, Video Art

•      The Forest under the Sea, 2018, Video Art

•      Writer’s Room, 2018, Video Art

•      Sharp Tools, 2017, Feature Documentary

•      Honey, Rain, & Dust, 2016/2017, Feature Documentary

•      Dancing with Shadows, 2016, Short Experimental.

•      Nearby Sky, 2014, Feature Documentary

•      Sounds of the sea, 2014, Feature Documentary

•      Red Blue Yellow, 2013, Feature Documentary

•      The Young Fighter, 2013, Short Documentary

•      Amal, 2011, Feature Documentary

•      Salma’s Dinner, 2011, Short Fiction

•      Hamama, 2010, Feature Documentary

•      Al Mureed, 2008, Feature Documentary

•      Between Two Banks- 1999, Short Documentary

•      The Park, 1997, Short Fiction.

•      Ice Cream, 1997, Short Fiction.

She has received the following Awards and Recognitions:


  •   Award of Outstanding Excellence: Original Score, Docs      Without Borders Film Festival, DE, US, 2018.

  •   Award of Outstanding Excellence: Editing, Docs                Without Borders Film Festival, DE, US, 2018.

  •   Award of Outstanding Excellence: Viewer Impact:   Motivational/Inspirational, Docs Without Borders Film   Festival, DE, US, 2018.

  •   Best Feature Documentary of April, Los Angeles Film   Awards, 2018.

  •   Best Experimental Feature Documentary, Portoviejo          Film Festival, Ecuador, 2018.

  •   Special Mention, Oran International Arabic Film Festival,   Oran, Algeria, 2018.

  •   Award of Merit, Impact Docs Awards, LA, US, 2018.

  •   Best Female Director, London Independent Film              Awards, London, April, 2018.

  •   Best Feature Documentary, Ismailia International Film   Festival, Egypt, 2018.

  •   Best Feature Documentary, DIFF, Emirati Muhr, Dubai,   2017.



.    First Prize, Al Owais Creative Award, The Cultural &

     Scientific Association, Dubai, 2017



.   Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival, Special

    Jury Prize Award, Egypt, 2015.


·   Best Non-Fiction Film, DIFF, Dubai, 2014.

·   Best Documentary, GCC Film Festival, 2016, Abu Dhabi.



.   Best Documentary, Al Owais Creative Award, The Cultural

    & Scientific Association, Dubai, 2014.


·   First Prize, GCC Film Festival, Kuwait, 2013, .

.   Special Jury Prize, Beirut Int. Film Festival. 2012

.   Second Prize, Documentary Competition, Gulf Film

    Festival, 2012.

.   First Prize, DIFF, Dubai, 2011.

·   Recognition for her contribution in filmmaking in the Gulf

    Region, , GCC Film Festival, 2013.




·   Best Director, GCC Film Festival, Qatar2012

·   First Prize on, Baghdad Int. Film Festival, Arab Women

    Directors' Competition, Iraq, 2011.

·   First Prize, Malmo Film Festival, Sweden, 2011

·   First Prize, Gulf Film Festival, 2011, Dubai

·   Special Jury Prize, Dubai International Film Festival, 2010  



.   Best Feature Documentary in the Gulf, Emirates

    FilmCompetition, Abu Dhabi Int. Film Festival, 2008.

·   Most Promising UAE Filmmaker, Dubai Int. Film Festival


·  Special Mention, Gulf Film Festival, Dubai 2008.


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Nujoom Alghanem receives an award for on
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Nujoom while directing Sounds of the Sea
During shooting Sounds of the Sea
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